Building Resilience and Mental Wellbeing

The FAAA Ballarat Chapter Committee invite you to their Professional Development Event on Wednesday 24 July, at Oscar’s Hotel. 

Join your fellow Chapter members to hear from our guest speaker Martin Heppell, The Resilience Project. The FAAA is committed to the ongoing development of your wellbeing through programs that make a difference. We want you to be the best you can be, both at work and in your home environment. The Resilience Project explores evidence-based approaches to building resilience, to develop and sustain positive mental health. 

Martin will address the following issues that members may be or may be about to face: 

  • Maintaining professional but respectful space between us and our clients
  • What happens when reasonable reserves of resilience are exhausted (i.e. by 10+ years of regulatory change)

Keeping positive with the regulatory and government interact in our roles

Martin’s background is unique, He spent a considerable amount of time growing up in Borneo, living with a Dayak headhunting tribe. After finishing high school in Melbourne, he spent six years in the AFL and SANFL systems, playing for the St Kilda, Melbourne and Norwood Football clubs.  

Since 2016, after joining The Resilience Project, he has conducted over 1,700 presentations across Australia to schools, communities, corporations and elite sporting organisations. 


Wednesday 24 July | 10:00am-11:00am


Oscar's Hotel, Ballarat


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