CPD Policy and Audit

All you need to know about our Continuing Professional Development Policy, becoming a CPD Accreditor and the periodical member audit.



FAAA Member audit of CPD and designations

The FAAA will periodically email a random selection of members and request they submit their Continuing Professional Development Record and samples of stationery as a requirement of the CPD audit. Participation in the audit is mandatory.

Key documents you will need

  • Current CPD Policy
    The CPD Policy will help you understand your CPD obligations as an FAAA practitioner member. Please note that we have aligned our CPD policy with the FASEA standard. By meeting the FAAA CPD policy, this will also help you to meet and in some cases exceed the Legislated CPD requirements.
  • CPD Audit Request
    You will be required to complete and return the CPD Audit Request with your supporting documents.
  • Quick guide to using the CFP® logo lock-up
    This reference guide will assist you with correctly displaying your CFP Marks.
  • Use of the FAAA brand and trademarks
    This reference guide will assist you with correctly displaying your FAAA professional designations in the correct format.
  • Professional Development Plan template
    If there is a shortfall in your CPD, you will be required to complete and return your Professional Development Plan to show how you will make up the shortfall.
  • CPD Record template (Excel document)
    This template is an example of how you can record your CPD learning activities for the triennium.

Further details on audit review requirements will be provided to members who have been selected to participate in an audit.

Any questions?

We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the FAAA CPD Policy and the Member Audit of CPD and Designations.

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