Adrian McPhee

Name Adrian McPhee
Company Wealth Seekers Financial Services Pty Ltd
Address 1/3-7 Days Road
Grange, QLD 4051
Phone 1300122488

During a discussion about our future careers in my senior year of high school, my friend's mother commented that, ‘if you want choices in life, you have to have money.' To a group of teenagers who were more concerned about what the weekend had in store for them, this probably seemed like a cunning way of motivating us to hit the books!

In hindsight, I can appreciate that it was a very poignant summation of the world in which we live.
What I believe my friend's mother was really trying to get across to us, albeit in a way that would resonate with a group of sixteen-year-old boys to be diligent with their studies, is if you want to be empowered in this world and take control of your own destiny, then you first need financial security to provide you with the freedom to make choices. Not just a specific choice to do this or to do that, but the freedom to make choices as a whole!

Almost twenty years later, I couldn't agree with this more! Without financial security, you simply have no choice about even the simplest decisions in life. Apart from good health and the safety of those whom we love, the reality is that financial security is the most important determinant in our contemporary lives.

So, when I graduated from university, I not only wanted to achieve financial security for myself, but I also wanted to help others to do the same.

Having seen my parents obtain financial security through a very mainstream yet disciplined approach to investing, I have seen first-hand how it is done and I know the benefits it brings. There is so much good that comes from improving your finances, and I find it to be a hugely rewarding experience to play an active role in helping to shape that reality for those who are motivated to seek it out and grab it with both hands.

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