Amie Baker

Name Amie Baker
Company Rekab Advice
Address 19 Henry Street
Randwick, NSW 2031
Phone 0433702816

Amie Baker is an award-winning financial adviser – winning the prestigious Female Excellence in Advice Award in 2022. Her career in finance begun in 2004, and since then she has been on a mission to help Australian’s take control of their financial futures through her advice practice, podcast, online financial literacy course and mindset coaching services. Like many of us Amie has experienced life’s wonders and challenges, she is a mother of 4 children and 2 stepchildren. In 2011 she found herself a divorced and a single mother of 3 little boys. In 2017 Amie remarried having her 4th child in late 2019. Although her profession had her armed with information on how to strategize, plan and manage finances – it has been through her personal experience that has shaped her to be the Financial Adviser and Money Mindset Coach she is today. During the 2020 lockdown Amie launched the Centsability podcast – where money conversations are fun, insightful, and motivating. In 2022 Amie launched the Centsability Money Transformation Course which is an online course aimed to arm one with how to create your own financial plan and ensure that you have the right mindset to succeed. Amie is the NSW state chair of Inspire – focused on women in finance. Amie is also a board member of the non-profit organisation The Equanimity Project – aimed to prevent female homelessness and provide support and accommodation for women escaping domestic violence.

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