Andrew Bell, CFP®

Name Andrew Bell CFP®
Company Yourwealthplanner
Address PO Box 3075
Caroline Springs, VIC 3023
Phone 0479 138 555

Hi and thank you for your interest. Advising for many many years now one of the most important aspects experiences tells me in a Financial Adviser Client relationship is trust.

This is easily addressed by being upfront about ones ability to help or not, discussing all associated fees and costs with the advice (including advice fees & ongoing product fees), being clear about the benefits of seeking the advice, and communicating in a simple way to ensure everything is understood.

If you feel that our approach will help you please free to contact us to discuss your aspirations. Sometimes taking that step to understand what is available to you is the hardest step. I say do not discount what you may be able to achieve. You do not necessarily need a lot of money to benefit from professional advice.

yourwealthplanner is a fee for service advice business (meaning the cost of advice is based on the time & resources needed to provide you with the advice i.e. the time to prepare your Statement of Advice, the research involved, the comparisons, implementation of the advice & all meetings involved accept for the initial meeting which is at no cost).

Your initial meeting is cost and obligation free.

In our first meeting we will get to understand your current position, your objectives, confirm if we can help or not, highlight the benefits of seeking advice, and confirm the fess and costs of the advice should you decide to proceed (you will know all associated fees and costs of the Advice before any work commences).

Look forward to your contact.

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