Ashish Poudel, AFP®

Name Ashish Poudel AFP®
Company PSK Private Wealth
Address Level 12, 25 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone 0435 510 160

I am fortunate to be doing a job that I love, working in an industry with the power of changing peoples’ lives. On a superficial level, my job is to provide wealth advice. But what I really want is to give my clients is the confidence in what they want to achieve in their lives. This starts with a conversation, leading to the discovery of realistic goals and setting the right strategies to feel more in control of finances and life. What gives me the most pleasure is seeing my clients share the happiness and sense of satisfaction when they achieve their goals. My services range from providing factual information to holistic personal advice on an ongoing basis. Currently, I manage a book of ongoing advice clients and service prospective clients. I proudly believe that Professionalism is not taking from the community, it is about giving back to the community.
My best contact is [email protected]

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