Brendan Gow, AFP®

Name Brendan Gow AFP®
Address 28 Dale Street, Burrawang
Burrawang, NSW 2577
Phone 0449 602 771

Brendan’s experience combined with
his detailed orientated and savvy
manner has seen him highly regarded
by his clients. Brendan has a history
of protecting his clients wealth and
growing it via creative investment,
asset structuring and tax strategies.
Having worked in financial advice
across banks and institutions in
Australia. Brendan’s experience spans
globally, working across international
markets in the Middle East as a Global
Investment Advisor before returning to
Australian shores in 2018.
With over 17 years of experience in
wealth and financial management,
he is passionate about innovative
and effective approaches to money
management, delivering tactical asset
allocation and strategic investment
advice across a range of areas.
A trusted industry professional,
Brendan is also a regular columnist
for Yahoo finance and Forbes.

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