Brendan Hughes, AFP®

Name Brendan Hughes AFP®
Company Enlightened Financial Solutions Pty Ltd
Address 54 Gordon Street
Mackay, QLD 4740
Phone 0439 78 1190

Planning for Life, with Financial Advice!

I believe that quality financial advice improves client’s lifestyle and financial outcomes throughout their life. No matter if it’s young families and wealth accumulators or those who are pre-retirees and the already retired, I have seen people at every stage of their life benefit from getting quality Financial Advice. I believe that quality advice provides a stronger direction to achieving goals, aspirations and dreams; a greater level of security and above all else, the peace of mind that people seek to have with their finances.

I have professional interests across all areas of finance, financial advice, business, accounting, economics and law. These broad and diverse interests allow me to have meaningful conversations with many different clients in all areas of their Financial Advice needs. When I meet with you, I look to have meaningful, realistic and genuine conversations to address yours needs today and tomorrow.

AFP® Member of the FPA
Financial Adviser
P -- 07 4957 1600
M -- 0439 78 1190
E -- [email protected]
L --

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