Brenton Newnham, AFP®

Name Brenton Newnham AFP®
Company Canaccord Genuity Financial Limited
Address GPO Box W2024
Perth, WA 6846
Phone 08 9263 1254

With roots entrenched in the Goldfields I found myself drawn to capital markets. Age constraints meant I needed my parents to place orders through the local brokerage firm and naïvely the tail end of a roaring junior resource market provided the confidence I needed to pursue a career in finance.
Armed with a master’s in accounting I started my career with a Perth based business advisory firm prior to realising my passion, empowering people to grow their wealth today, for their tomorrow.
Over the years I’ve been privileged to work with and continue to work with a number of financial advisers from all walks of life. Drawing upon this experience I aim to remove the complexities associated with investing so that you can spend more time on the areas that are important to you and your family.

Complex made simple….

Markets work and have a history of rewarding investors for the capital supplied.

Diversification is essential and enables investors to capture market returns while reducing the uncompensated risks associated with individual securities and increased flexibility in trading.

Invest, don’t speculate. Traditional investment approaches strive to beat the market by taking advantage of perceived pricing mistakes. Too often these approaches prove costly and futile over the longer term, meanwhile, capital-based economies thrive. Not because markets fail but because they succeed.

Focus on your plan. An evidence-based investment plan frees you to focus on what matters. As your investment adviser I can help create an investment plan for you.

Why Canaccord?

Canaccord Genuity is one of Australia’s premier financial services firms with a hard-earned reputation for integrity and advisory expertise that has led to our clients entrusting us with over A$22b in funds under management and administration.
Our approach to Wealth Management is based on our years of experience helping Australians manage their wealth. Our process is designed to ensure our Advisers gain a deep understanding of your unique personal needs and circumstances, before tailoring a strategy specific to you.

Brenton Newnham | 08 9263 1254 | [email protected]

Areas we work together on:
 Taking the complexities out of and getting organised with finances
 Empowering clients through education
 Superannuation and retirement planning strategies
 Strategies for Trustees of SMSF’s
 Intergenerational wealth transfer
 Investment management and wealth creation without a transactional focus

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