Bryan Graham, AFP®

Name Bryan Graham AFP®
Company Graham Financial Solutions
Address Level 38, 71 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone 07 3106 3110

Hi, I’m Bryan. Founder and Financial Adviser at Graham Financial Solutions.

Graham Financial Solutions was born out of my frustration at seeing too many people earning good money but not making the most of it because they were overwhelmed by choices and conflicting messages.

And, over the last two decades in the financial planning industry, I’ve seen too many people leave it until just a couple of years out from retirement to get advice, wishing they’d taken action sooner.

I unravel the confusing and complex world of money by keeping things simple and explaining things in plain English. No jargon or complicated strategies. Just straightforward advice and support to make the most of every dollar you earn.

Whilst it’s never too late to get advice, I like to start working with clients in their 40s and 50s, so we can use time to our advantage to make the most of tax, super and investment opportunities.

As a husband and dad of four kids, I understand the challenges of juggling a career with raising a family, all while keeping my finger on the pulse financially. What keeps me motivated is an unwavering focus on building a life of freedom and flexibility for my family and my clients.

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