Chintan Engineer, AFP®

Name Chintan Engineer AFP®
Company Diligent Financial Planning
Address Lower Ground 2 21 Queen Street
Blackburn, VIC 3130
Phone 03 9894 0245

Chintan has 15 years of experience delivering personalised financial advice. He has worked as a Senior Financial Planner with one of Australia’s major financial institutions since 2008, and in 2015 established a privately owned, fee only advisory firm to ensure that the advice delivered to his clients was not linked to or influenced by any financial institution.Chintan has provided advice to clients from all walks of life and specialises in dealing with clients who are delegators; people who are keen to delegate to free up their time, so they can do the things they are passionate about. Chintan has extensive knowledge and experience in providing advice related to wealth creation, debt reduction, personal protection, pre and post retirement planning, cash flow management and facilitating estate planning advice.Chintan feels honoured that his clients value a long-term relationship and are willing and able to take advice. In addition to his client’s financial world, Chintan takes the time to truly understand what his clients value, their goals and dreams for themselves and their family and endeavors to help them maximise the probability of achieving these goals.Chintan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Financial Services and is also an Associate Member of the FPA.

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