Christopher Scriva

Name Christopher Scriva
Company Mobius Wealth Managment
Address Suite 18 / 116 Melbourne Street
North Adelaide, SA 5006
Phone 08 7089 6196

Commenced in the Financial Advice industry in 2005 and have worked in various roles with client advising since 2008. These roles include the provision of technical support for other Financial Advisers.

Chris specialises in
- Wealth Accumulation Strategies,
- Business Succession Planning,
- Retirement Planning and;
- Personal Risk Insurance.

After serving with the ADF, Navy, during which he served on HMAS Canberra, HMAS Albatross and HMAS Melbourne, Chris, since 2005 has accumulated invaluable experience within the Financial Services Industry. Chris possesses a specialized skill set encompassing: Devising Wealth Accumulation Strategies Crafting Business Succession Plans Tailoring Retirement Planning Solutions Implementing Personal Risk Insurance Furthermore, Chris boasts an extensive understanding of the Commonwealth (ComSuper) and State (SuperSA) as well as the Military Superannuation schemes including MSBS, DFRDB, and ADF Super. At Mobius Wealth Management (MWM), our approach stands in stark contrast to that of conventional financial planners. We firmly believe that wealth is a concept that transcends mere 'money'. It embodies the essence of what holds significance for you—be it freedom, security, confidence, certainty, or the capacity to realize your aspirations. Since 2007, I have been dedicated to helping clients shape their realities in alignment with these aspirations. Our central focus revolves around a tailored methodology designed to preempt the recurring financial pitfalls and restrictive beliefs that often impede progress. Our mission is to empower you to live the life you desire, sooner. Your financial journey bears a striking resemblance to a 'Mobius strip'—an apparent loop that veers back on itself rather than following a linear path. Through the provision of continuous high-quality advice, we enable you to regularly assess your trajectory and make informed decisions that ensure your financial course remains steadfast. The Mobius strip symbolizes an enduring commitment to your enduring prosperity. It signifies our dedication to securing your financial triumph and formulating a strategy that grants you the liberty to lead life on your own terms. At Mobius Wealth Management, we think very differently compared to your average financial planner… We believe that wealth is about more than just ‘money’. It’s about having what’s important to you. Important things like freedom, security, confidence, certainty and the ability to do the things you want in your life. Since 2007, I’ve been helping clients to set this up to happen. Our focus is on putting together an approach specifically to stop you from getting tripped up by the same old financial stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs, so you that you can start living the life you really want – sooner. Your financial journey is a lot like a ‘Mobius strip’. You would think it would follow a straight line, but life has a way of turning back on itself. By giving your quality ongoing advice, this allows you to constantly ‘check in’ and make smart decisions so that you stay on track financially. The Mobius band is a sign of long-term commitment to you, your financial success and building a strategy that enables you to live life the way that matters to you.

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