Christopher Manthey, CFP®

Name Christopher Manthey CFP®
Company TFC Financial
Address 9 Bowen Street
Toowoomba City, QLD 4350
Phone 07 46391399

Before starting work in pure financial advice in 2007 (great timing given the GFC!) Chris worked accounting and management roles for BHP, then Wagners. You could say that Chris has always been in roles that have the elements of money and value.His education and business experience really enhances Chris's ability to assist clients (particularly with complex business structures) and understand their current financial position including their cashflow. Chris is also proud to help his clients achieve financial literacy and a trust in the system and the people involved. As with this knowledge and confidence they can make decisions that are best for them, not someone else."TFC Financial is a great place - we help our clients, we help our staff and they help me become a better employer, citizen and person. I liked TFC Financial so much, I bought the company".

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