Damien Burns, CFP®

Name Damien Burns CFP®
Address 81 O'Neil Road
Beaconsfield, VIC 3807
Phone 0413698770

Since 2001 I have helped over 1000 families achieve a more comfortable lifestyle by helping them grow and protect their wealth. I have done and continue to do this by creating a deep and meaningful relationship with clients that allows me to provide:• A detailed and personalised approach• Financial literacy education• A common sense yet strategic approach to cash-flow management• Structured lending arrangements• Peace of mind through a comprehensive strategy to minimise financial risks to the family• Self Managed Super Fund advice• Constant and proactive communication to keep the family updated on all relevant matters. Through my unique yet uncomplicated approach, I am able to provide an experience to families that helps them identify what’s important to them, what concerns they have and what pressing issues are keeping them awake at night. By helping to solve their greatest problem I have started them on their journey to fulfilling their life’s ambitions.

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