Daniel Thompson, AFP®

Name Daniel Thompson AFP®
Company Finnacle Solutions
Address 14 Marwedel Avenue
Clyde North, VIC 3978
Phone 1300 346 622
Website www.finnacle.com.au

“Plan like you’ll live forever, live like there’s not long left.”

Having grown up and lived in different parts of Australia, from the outback to the city, I found that one thing that was common to many: financial problems. I decided that I wanted to help and educate people in this area to alleviate as much of these stresses as possible, and we built Finnacle to de exactly that.

Life can be complex, while at the same time there have never been as many opportunities as we have now. Our aim is to help people simplify their money so they can focus on what they do best and what really matters to them.

I’m also the dad of an energetic young daughter and a huge Essendon Bombers fan.

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