Daniel Winberg, AFP®

Name Daniel Winberg AFP®
Company Forest Wealth
Address suite 1a/17 Hunter St
Hornsby, NSW 2077
Phone 0412315844

Can’t see the forest for the trees? There are many different aspects to our personal finances. Do you have the time and expertise to focus on them all whilst also managing your big picture?

My passion is to help bring all your personal financial objectives (super, investments, tax, insurance, budget) into a down to earth strategy to improve your short term, and keep you on track for the long term.

Since 2001, working in the financial services industry, I have gained solid strategic, technical and product knowledge around various financial strategies for all stages of life.

Experience gained in various roles within Wealth and Insurance companies, a big bank, as well as boutique advice firms, have given me a depth of industry knowledge and insight.

With many years as a Financial Adviser I appreciate that we all have different needs and wants in life, and therefore each of my clients has a strategy and service tailored specifically to them.

However, common goals such as more tax effective strategies, being more active with superannuation and investments, protecting family and wealth, and having confidence that everything is going to be ok, all form the foundation of advice to ensure we plan for the future whilst enjoying life along the way.

I value my clients and always have their best interests at heart. I will make the slightest change to a strategy if I believe the outcome is beneficial. This is made easier by not being tied down to a bank’s restrictive product base, but rather having many strategies and products available.

I am happy to be up to date with the latest education requirements (I have my Master of Financial Planning). However, ongoing professional development, seminars, and targeted learning helps me keep up to date with legislation, markets, economics, strategies and products.

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