Dave Horan, CFP®

Name Dave Horan CFP®
Address Shepparton, VIC 3630

I've dedicated my career to helping people over 50 do better financially, and feel better about their finances.

I specialise in retirement and investment advice, and assist people who:
• Already have some super/investments, but realise they could do much better with the right advice, or the right adviser!
• Are coming into money and need guidance about what to do next.
• Are approaching retirement and want to maximise their nest egg (and retirement lifestyle!).
• Have been through a life event like divorce or the loss of a loved one, and don't know what to do now, or just feel a bit overwhelmed.
• Have settled into retirement, and are now ready to hand over the time, effort and stress of managing their money to a professional.
• Have any other money or lifestyle goals they wish to achieve, or problems they need to solve.

The financial benefits of great advice are significant, but I also believe that providing people with peace of mind, security, confidence and clarity is just as important. I know if I do my job well, it gives clients back time and energy they can re-invest into other meaningful areas of their lives.

I help people make sure they're taking advantage of the opportunities available, and avoiding the common traps people fall into. I make sure they're heading in the right direction and keep them on track despite the never ending changes in life, work, family, super rules, investment markets, etc.

It's pretty rare that someone comes to me with something I haven't guided countless people through before them and I enjoy being able to draw on my extensive professional and life experience to help.

I'm CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) qualified, have over 25 years experience, and am on a quest to provide my clients with ever better advice, service and results.

I work with mums and dads, widows, business owners, farmers and professionals - people from all walks of life - and am always delighted to meet with new people for a chat, to hear their story, and learn how I might be able to help them do better financially and/or feel better about their finances.

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