David Murdoch, AFP®

Name David Murdoch AFP®
Company Paxton Bridge Financial Pty Ltd
Address 89-91 Hornby ST
Windsor, VIC 3181
Phone 03 8391 9310
Website www.paxtonbridge.com

I am passionate about helping my clients activate their wealth. Success can’t be left to chance. At Paxton Bridge, we’ve developed a philosophy that establishes a firm foundation upon which we build personalised wealth activation plans for our clients. This foundation is under-pinned by three core pillars - money mindset, asset management and intergenerational wealth - which are critical in helping us bring people together as they transition to ‘more life, less work’.Your money mindset is the first pillar of wealth activation. Understanding it is an opportunity for creating unforgettable life experiences with greater financial certainty and control. We aim to fully understand how you think and feel about money. Essentially, your ‘money mindset’. Our conversations with you focus on uncovering your values and your experiences with money, as well as your goals, your priorities, and the timing of outcomes that matter most to you.Asset management is the second pillar. It’s your opportunity to take a step back and consider where you are now, but also where you could be. Our conversations about assets go deeper than a simple review of what you have now or what you want to own in the future. For us, understanding the potential income an asset can generate, as well as the risks involved, is critical in providing you with the best options.The final pillar centres on intergenerational wealth. It’s focused on finding the ideal balance between enjoying what you have while you’re around to enjoy it, and transferring your assets to future generations. In our experience, people want to ensure the wealth they’ve created can be not only passed on with financial efficiency and an assurance that beneficiaries are able to develop a proper appreciation of their responsibilities, they want to also be able to share in the opportunities with their families right now.Wealth activism. Because there’s more to wealth than money alone.If you'd like to know more about how we can help you activate your wealth, please reach out.Email: [email protected]: 0416 856 701

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