Dawn Thomas, CFP®

Name Dawn Thomas CFP®
Company The Wealth Designers
Address 40 Kings Park Road
West Perth, WA 6005
Phone 1300 893 000

Dawn is the IFA Transformation of the Year 2022 Winner, Great Advice (WA) 2021 Winner and Association of Financial Adviser's (AFA) 2019 Female Excellence in Advice
award winner. She is passionate about collaborating with people to help them achieve the
financial and life goals that they are after.
Dawn describes her financial advice style as heart led, where financial knowledge and goals
are achieved through an inclusive, trusted relationship between adviser and client.
Dawn pursued the Masters of Applied Finance and Certified Financial Planner designation
early in her career as a demonstration of commitment to clients and the financial planning
industry. She is also an SMSF Specialist Accredited adviser.
Originally from Singapore and a Media Studies and Mass Communications graduate from
Murdoch University, Dawn was drawn to the financial planning industry in 2008 because of
the ability to connect to people and their life stories.
Dawn is a part time PhD candidate at Edith Cowan University, researching the superannuation
behaviour of Gen Z.
Dawn is the National Chair of AFA Inspire group, which aims to create a tribe for women in
the industry and help them thrive.
Dawn is also the podcast host of Your Money Story which shares underrepresented money
stories within the community.
When Dawn is not providing financial advice, you will find her relaxing by cooking for loved
ones or playing hockey.

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