Edward Forkin, AFP®

Name Edward Forkin AFP®
Company SafetyNet Financial Planning
Address Suite 3, 113 Dugan Street
Kalgoorlie, WA 6430
Phone 0419 047 200

One of our main focus is to develop client-tailored Income Protection and Life Insurance advice. Ted explains - a person's greatest asset is their ability to earn an income. If the main bread winner loses that ability to earn an income through sickness or injury, they can't keep up mortgage payments, they can't keep food on the table and their and their family's whole lifestyle falls apart! Ted is also especially interested in helping people tidy-up their superannuation by consolidating their various super funds into one appropriate fund, thereby saving money by eliminating the payment of multiple fees. Ted can also help with setting up a new SMSF where appropriate, and help with ongoing management and compliance. Ted explains that the financial planning process is one of sitting down with a client and discussing their short, medium and long-term goals, establishing what resources the client has available and formulating the best way of using those resources to achieve their financial goals. If the client is happy to go ahead with our recommendations and a strategy is put in place, we then have regular reviews to make sure the strategy stays on track and is relevant to any changing circumstances.

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