Felix Budiman, AFP®

Name Felix Budiman AFP®
Address Little City Prospect 1/132 Prospect Road
Prospect, SA 5082
Phone 0482 019 131

Felix has worked in the financial industry since 2017 and just recently completed his Professional Year.
Holding a Master of Financial Planning (Kaplan), he thrives on helping clients in their journey achieving their financial goals.
Among his many skillsets, Retirement Planning is his specialty because he believes this is an aspect of advice where clients can benefit the most from planning to execution and the guidance he can provide during each steps.

Felix cares deeply about his clients and maintains a lasting relationship with them. Recent feedback and comments always mention how it is easy to understand his explanation and his ability to explain things in everyday language.

Outside of work, Felix enjoys spending time with his family and sometimes helping out in a little cafe owned by his wife in the heart of Adelaide CBD.

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