Gavin Lamb

Name Gavin Lamb
Company Navigate Advisors
Address l1 1/185 Morgan St
Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650
Phone 0269270500

As an experienced family wealth specialist with particular expertise in multi-generational wealth management, my #1 concern is how I can help you live a great life and then provide the same sustainable opportunity to the next generation.
Too often we see the burden of financial management fall upon those either lacking financial skill, in a vulnerable/at-risk position or simply not possessing the desire. Your financial legacy SHOULD be life changing - for you and for future generations. With our help, we'll provide you the confidence you need to navigate the pitfalls and stresses associated with family wealth management to ensure your lead a great life that inspires your next generations to do the same.
We combine advanced Life Planning with expert financial acumen to develop a tailored multi-generational estate plan that helps you keep your money in your family tree and still provide all of the opportunities that responsible wealth stewardship can provide. We have professional investment managers, legal counsel and tax planners at your disposal to provide a bespoke approach for your unique set of circumstances.

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