Hishan Naufal, AFP®

Name Hishan Naufal AFP®
Address 13 Berrima Street
Oakleigh East, VIC 3166
Phone 03 8845 9309

As the founder of Mint Financial Solutions, my main vision lies in assisting individuals to attain financial freedom at all phases of their lives. My passion is to deliver quality financial solutions to clients while helping them to strategically manage their money and providing them with certainty for the future.My advice has benefited clients from all walks of life ranging from university students to retired citizens, helping them to successfully attain their financial goals. I have consistently leveraged valuable insights in the financial market to empower clients to understand today the value of their financial future tomorrow.With a solid background in running various small businesses as well as a financial planner and Mortgage specialist, I have demonstrated an acumen for managing holistic business operations. I am thus able to understand and target common financial issues faced by clients.

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