James Malliaros, CFP®

Name James Malliaros CFP®
Company GFM Wealth Advisory
Address 190 Through Road
Camberwell, VIC 3124
Phone 03 9809 1221
Website gfmwealth.com.au

James Malliaros is a Certified Financial Planner® at GFM Wealth Advisory. James completed a Bachelor of Economics/Science Degree at Monash University, and after a number of years of working in management roles in the Hospitality Industry, travelling and undertaking further professional studies, he was employed by GFM in 2001 as its Financial Controller.In his role as Financial Controller, James was primarily involved in managing the accounts, payroll and invoicing for GFM, as well as a number of financial year end accounting responsibilities like BAS and GST reporting.After a couple of years of performing this role, James was given the opportunity to move into a more front line position within the organisation by taking a para-planning role in the newly established Para-Planning/Technical Services division. After being in the position of para-planner for a few years, James was given the opportunity to become a financial planner, a role he has been performing since mid-2005.During this period, GFM has moved its business model to specialise in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Although GFM has operated and managed SMSFs on behalf of clients since 1999, its significant growth has been largely attributed to GFM’s focus on managing SMSFs over the last fifteen years. Today, the vast majority of GFM’s client base is SMSF clients. The SMSF service offering is a complete “end to end” offering including SMSF set-up, administration, compliance, investment advice and accounting.Through additional professional studies and as well as extensive experience in managing SMSF clients, James is also an SMSF Specialist Advisor™. In 2018 he qualified as a Certified Financial Planner®, the highest level of professional certification in Australia.In 2003, GFM made a significant decision in applying for its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). The implication of GFM having its own AFSL is that we have no financial institution, bank or fund manager that dictates which investments they recommend or how clients are to be invested – GFM is 100% owned by the staff.In 2013, GFM acquired accounting firm P. Gruchy and Associates, which has since been renamed GFM Gruchy Accounting. The acquisition has been critical for GFM as it allows the offering of not only comprehensive financial advice but also high-quality accounting solutions.James is a member of the GFM Investment Committee, which meets monthly to research, select and monitor all the investments on the GFM Approved Investment List. Importantly, GFM has a strong philosophy of direct investing.James is married to Claudia, and they have two daughters. He enjoys bike riding and regularly swims at the local pool to keep fit. He is a passionate football fan and is a member of the Richmond Tigers in the AFL as well as Melbourne Victory in the A-League.

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