James Sheehan, AFP®

Name James Sheehan AFP®
Company Shore Financial Planning and Insurance Pty Ltd
Address Level 16 124 Walker Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060
Phone 02 8045 2569
Website shorefinancial.com.au/financial-planning/

As a holistic wealth adviser James is passionate about helping his clients clarify their bigger life goals, and then building a strategy and structure that helps them achieve these. Most of his wealth management clients are busy people, and often don’t feel they’re on top of their money situation. And if they do have goals, they’re often loosely defined, and they don’t have a concrete plan to support them. They also don’t want to make mistakes that could set them back, or put extra pressure on them. James is skilled in encouraging each client to stretch their thinking and get to the heart of what they’d like to achieve in life. He develops a customised financial plan that sets out what they need to do to make progress, and checks in with them on a regular basis to ensure they’re on track. As a result they feel clearer and more confident about their current and future financial situation, and they make real progress towards their goals. When clients feel confident financially this frees them up to focus on the important things in life. In his role as a financial adviser, James works with a team of financial specialists, including advisers in tax and accounting, estate planning, finance and business advisory.

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