Jason Rapley, CFP®

Name Jason Rapley CFP®
Company Dare Financial Solutions
Address Shop 7 62 George Street
Bathurst, NSW 2795
Phone 1300 003 273

“I enjoy seeing my clients reach their financial goals. There’s a real satisfaction in helping people to understand their finances. Just seeing the expressions on client’s faces when they realise that achieving what they want is possible, and then seeing their reaction when we’ve reached the goal, is the greatest thanks I can get. I get happy just knowing I’ve helped along the way.” Jason has spent most of his life in Bathurst – completing high school and university too. After graduating with a Bachelor of Business majoring in finance, Jason took a role with one of the local banks, as a planner. From these early days in his first job, his career has gone from strength to strength and his CV includes roles with the big four banks, as well as financial planning firms. Over more than a decade of working in the industry, he has built up a sold level of expertise and loves the diversity of his role. “Everyone’s situation is unique and it’s rewarding helping people to devise strategies that are not only going to build their savings and superannuation for the long term, but also give them a comfortable lifestyle now. “People think that they need to save hard and make big sacrifices, but with the right plans in place, life doesn’t have to be that way – your money can work for you, not the other way around.” Energetic and enthusiastic, Jason is now looking forward to building a strong portfolio of clients with Dare Financial Solutions.When he’s not working, Jason likes to be active. Sport is a big part of his recreation, but his real enjoyment comes from his own backyard. Jason is currently in the middle of renovations and landscaping and is excited to see it all coming together. “I love being outdoors,” he says. “We’ve got some chickens and fruit trees and bees. It’s nice to get away from the screens and the technology and just have time in nature. For me, it’s about balance. I know after a weekend of getting my hands in the dirt and watching the cycles of nature in the garden, I feel relaxed and stress free, and when I’m recharged I can put more effort into focusing on what clients need.”

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