Jeannie Van Raay, CFP®

Name Jeannie Van Raay CFP®
Company Horizon Prosperity
Address 15 Diana Drive
Blackburn North, VIC 3130
Phone 0398488311

As an experienced and qualified Certified Financial Planner, I moved to Horizon Prosperity situated in Blackburn North, Victoria, in April 2022.
Over the many years in this industry, I have developed and maintained trusting relationships with many clients and have a real passion for helping them to achieve their financial goals.
I believe that financial planning is more than just putting strategies and products in place – it is the important skill of identifying opportunities and providing solutions that are real and relevant to a specific client and that are going to provide that client with a better outcome.
My experience from the ground up has enabled me to understand and excel in many roles and responsibilities within the financial planning process. I have seen and embraced much change in this industry over the years and am proud and passionate to be a part of it.
Successfully completed the internationally recognised designation of Certified Financial Planner CFP® in 2010. The CFP® mark represents a symbol of trust and a mark of excellence.
More recently I have completed my Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (2020) and attained FASEA accreditation in line with the new world of providing advice.
Both the CFP® and FASEA accreditation provides reassurance that we work to the highest professional and ethical standards always putting the client first.
I believe in how the value our advice can provide peace of mind to our clients and I get an enormous satisfaction from the client's appreciation and satisfaction.

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