Jeremy Morrison, CFP®

Name Jeremy Morrison CFP®
Company First Avenue Planning
Address 2/630 Mitcham Road
Mitcham, VIC 3132
Phone 0427 182 183

Jeremy has an extensive history in delivering personal financial advice outcomes. He is passionate about assisting his clients to overcome the financial hurdles that they are facing, and he does so by holding a strong focus on use of a methodical and thoughtful approach.

Essentially acting as a financial project manager, Jeremy works closely with clients to break down the complexity of their concerns, which then in turn allows suitable solutions to be applied. In this context, Jeremy’s skills in the ‘discovery phase’ of the engagement, is the most critical and most valuable part of the journey.

Whether it be a large or small concern that is needing attention, Jeremy is always happy to hold the conversation with his clients, in order to understand the options are available.

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