John Johnson, AFP®

Name John Johnson AFP®
Company Capital 8 Financial Pty Ltd
Address 61 Corvus Drive
Cashmere, QLD 4500
Phone 1300898961

I have been part of the Brisbane-based financial services scene for many years, with my sole focus being helping everyday Australians achieve their financial aspirations. It’s over thirty years since I was first inspired to dedicate my time and skills to people’s economic well-being. From humble beginnings as a teller with CBA, I quickly ascended to positions of greater influence. As well as my background and qualifications in Financial Planning – I was formerly Financial Planning Manager for Commonwealth Financial Planning, a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia – I am also a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors. My passion for helping people improve their financial health has seen me take the next step on my journey: That is, to provide a total financial planning service to anyone who has a dream, who recognises the need for a plan with the guidance to build upon it, and who wishes to preserve their interests for the long term.

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