Justin Baiocchi, AFP®

Name Justin Baiocchi AFP®
Company Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth
Address 462 - 464 Peel Street
Tamworth, NSW 2340
Phone (02) 6766 9000
Website www.bgprivatewealth.com.au

Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth are boutique financial advisors and investment managers. Privately owned and unaligned to any other financial institution, we offer personalised and professional management of your financial affairs. Our approach to investment management is based on the overriding theme of safeguarding capital over the long term. We follow a disciplined and structured investment methodology, with exposure to investments that provide for regular, consistent income and long term growth without unnecessary risk.Justin is one of the few advisors outside the capital cities to have earned the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification. The CFA charter, the most respected and recognised investment credential in the world, represents a tradition of upholding the highest standards of education and integrity in the investment profession. The charter is recognised globally by employers, investment professionals and investors as the definitive standard by which to measure the competence, integrity, and dedication of serious investment professionals.

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