Karolina Grbin, AFP®

Name Karolina Grbin AFP®
Company KGB Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Address 2-8 Lake Street
Caroline Springs, VIC 3023
Phone 0403604234
Website www.count.com.au/investor

I am passionate, driven and dedicated to get to know your Vision and Goals, your Situation and Co-create a PLAN for your Dream Life.You can Achieve this by:1. Start doing what's necessary: Planning, Building and Protecting 2. Do what is possible: Saving, investing, and taking advantage of opportunities and benefits.3. Suddenly enjoying what you thought was impossible: Reducing and managing debt, achieving a work life balance, transitioning from work to retirement and enjoy retirement.I have over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry with concrete technical knowledge, education and application.I offer expertise in: Superannuation, Retirement, Investments, Personal risk, Aged Care and Social Security.It’s not too late to start or too early to plan.

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