Katrina Pump, AFP®

Name Katrina Pump AFP®
Company Seed Wealth Australia
Address Suite 3, 69 Eyre Street
North Ward, QLD 4810
Phone 0447 888 829

Katrina is a Financial Planner with Seed Wealth Australia. Katrina has been working in the financial services industry since 2010. She became a qualified financial planner in 2012 working in one of Australia’s leading financial Institutions as a Financial planner based in Townsville and Bowen, providing service Australia wide including remote and rural areas across North Queensland.

Katrina has comprehensive experience in financial advice specialising in Insurance and Wealth Protection and prides herself on providing a high level of professionalism and tailoring of specific strategies to suit each client. She takes great care in ensuring that clients are comfortable with all aspects of their finances and that they continue to remain on track with their goals whether they be financial or otherwise. She understands that her strategies and service go hand in hand to assist people to protect their long term goals and objectives. She has worked closely with clients to protect and build their wealth with vast experience successfully assisting clients through the personal insurance claims process.

Having been through the claims process with many clients she sees the value in having comprehensive insurance cover so that your family’s debts, children and lifestyle are protected to help see you through when unforeseen circumstances occur. As a mother with a young family herself, she appreciates the responsibility of having to consider the wider needs of your family. She hopes to empower others to make smart decisions and become financially independent.

Outside of work Katrina enjoys being active and spending quality time with her young family and friends.

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