Lance Swansbra, CFP®

Name Lance Swansbra CFP®
Company Braeside Wealth
Address 61 Stewart Avenue
Hamilton South, NSW 2303
Phone 02 4013 2966

Lance has worked closely with many clients over the past 15 years to help them achieve what's most important to them. Lance was luckily enough to grow up on a small farm. Growing up in the country was a great experience, it taught Lance that it’s important to be honest, to work hard and that helping others carries its own reward. It also taught Lance that life can be difficult and not always fair, that’s why providing quality financial advice free from any conflict of interest is important. Lance is a family man with a young family. When he’s not spending time with his family, you might find him at the beach where he’s (slowly) learning to surf, supporting the Canberra Raiders or enjoying the company of good friends, food and wine.

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