Lee Fen Goh, AFP®

Name Lee Fen Goh AFP®
Company Goh Financial Advisers
Address 307 North East Road
Hampstead Gardens, SA 5086
Phone 08 82618888
Website www.gohfinancialadvisers.com

Lee Fen has worked in the industry since 2001, holds a Masters in Financial Planning. Having lived and worked in countries as diverse as Malaysia, Switzerland and India prior to moving to Australia, Lee Fen has an excellent command of business processes, interpersonal communications, modern technology and money management. Lee Fen is passionate about connecting with people and is privileged to be in a position to help clients improve their financial position leading to greater certainty and peace of mind. Lee Fen is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and is on the North Adelaide-Prospect Parish Finance Council Committee. A strong interest in sport and outdoor activities ensures that her mind is sharp while her eagerness to engage with people from all walks of life invariably leads to new connections and opportunities. On the home front, Lee Fen and her husband, Glenn are dedicated to maintaining a work-life balance with their two daughters. Lee Fen enjoys cooking and eating out with the family, occasional yoga, and regular hiking at Morialta Falls. Adventures in Australia and overseas include hiking/climbing in the Outback, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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