Leigh Fernando, CFP®

Name Leigh Fernando CFP®
Company Blue Rock Private Wealth
Address Rialto, L2 Podium East, 525 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone 03 8682 1111

Our belief is that strategic financial advice should be solely focused on providing our clients with peace of mind that they are continually making the right financial decisions in order to achieve their unique goals.Goals should be clearly defined, measurable, and prioritised, and whilst it is integral to establish a strategic financial plan that provides a financial pathway focused on seeing those goals come to fruition, it is even more important to have in place a structured wealth program that provides regularly adjusted short term actions and targets so that you know exactly how you are tracking.BlueRock Private Wealth lives and breathes this philosophy with our clients and the other professional advisers whom we partner with, and it works. After working in corporate accounting and travelling overseas in my mid 20's I entered the financial planning industry. My nature is to help people and I have gained a desire to see people succeed and reach their unique goals, I thrive on providing value adding strategic advice to clients who need, and value it. I have a particular interest in working with entrepreneurial business owners given their mind set, and often complex circumstances.

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