Leslie McGuire

Name Leslie McGuire
Company Future Proof Financial
Address 1/274 River St
Ballina, NSW 2478
Phone 1300377888

Les has more than 15 years of experience as a Specialist Financial Adviser. As a multi-faceted expert in the financial field, he works with many unique clients providing strategic financial planning.

Les works closely with clients to help resolve financial difficulties using the most strategic, detailed approach. His proven solutions and innovative strategies for tackling even the most challenging financial situations have helped him pave the way for clients to reach favourable outcomes while improving their finances and setting themselves up for a more financially secure and stable future.

Known for focusing on exceeding each client’s expectations while offering the most updated and relevant advice possible, his goal is to assist clients with achieving their chosen goals while on the path to financial freedom and success.

Because of his steadfast dedication to clients, Les has continuously received countless awards for his work as a Financial Adviser. Some of the awards received over the years include Australian Adviser of the Year, Beddoes Institute Australia’s Most Trusted Adviser, Barron’s Australia Top 50 Advisers, and Barron’s Australia Top 100 Advisers, to name a few. Recognised for his talent, work ethic, and natural ability to lead as a results-driven professional, Les continues focusing on problem-solving. He remains determined to provide clients with the most effective and feasible solutions custom-tailored to meet their needs and objectives.

Over his career he has developed a deep knowledge of investment markets, both locally and globally, with a specific focus on client education and long-term investing.

Les finds immense joy in working with people on financial matters while providing professional services that can positively impact the lives of others. Working with the public as a skilled Financial Adviser while providing the most professional and reliable financial advice is his priority and genuine passion in life.

Outside of work, Les is a devoted husband to his wife, Carla, and a dedicated father of six beautiful daughters. He has two adorable puppies, Tiger and Lulu, and enjoys spending time with his family and pets, golfing, hitting the gym, and even surfing on a warm, sunny day.

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