Mark John Smith, AFP®

Name Mark John Smith AFP®
Company Bountiful Wealth
Address 12c/2 Flinders Parade
North Lakes, QLD 4509
Phone 07 3832 3300

Mark has worked in the financial services industry since 1995 commencing in retail banking. Mark has worked as a Home Lender for CBA, Branch Manager for ANZ, Business Development Manager for TAL Life Insurance and has held adviser and practice managements roles in private advice practices.

The experience that Mark has accumulated in these roles, led him back to CBA working as a Business Financial Adviser. In this role, Mark has significant experience in providing advice to clients across CBA branches, Premier Banking, Private Banking and Business/Corporate Banking, including providing specialist advice in the areas of SMSF, Business Insurance, Aged Care, Gearing, Margin Lending & Direct Shares.

Mark is passionate about helping clients grow and protect their wealth, live a lifestyle of choice, and achieve financial freedom.

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