Matthew Kerrish, AFP®

Name Matthew Kerrish AFP®
Company MPK Advisory Services Pty Ltd
Address 217 Flinders St
Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone 0499 400493

Having worked in the finance industry for over 35 years, I get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from helping clients achieve the financial goals they aspire to. Specifically, as a Financial Adviser, helping clients understand and implement a strategy that will provide them with peace of mind and lifestyle comfort post retirement. I spend a lot of my time helping clients forget about the ASX200 on a daily basis and instead, focus on great businesses that can be owned by investing for the medium to long term. This also means having discussions with clients about what not to own which is just as, if not more important. When I am not researching and understanding investments, I devote time to developing and refining the strategy over time for my clients- focusing on key areas like the Investment Structures, Superannuation/ SMSF, Margin Lending/ Gearing, Redundancy, Centrelink, Estate Planning and Aged Care. In my spare time, I am involved in a mentor program for young kids run by Kick Start for Kids. I also train for and compete in long distance triathlon (Ironman) and I get a great sense of achievement at the completion of each race.

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