Michael Paraskevopoulos, AFP®

Name Michael Paraskevopoulos AFP®
Company William Buck Wealth Advisors (NSW) Pty Ltd
Address level 29/66 Goulburn St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone 0415540946

Good financial advice is more than managing money.

It's about listening to you, and what you hope to aspire.

It's about understanding your purpose. The reason you get out of bed every morning. Your 'Why'.

And it's about working together to build a strategy that gets you there.

I accidentally fell in love with my profession.

Many years ago, I studied Economics and Finance at University, intending to become an Equities Analyst.

While studying, I settled in to a role as a Paraplanner. It was meant to be a temporary gig while I finished my degree.

At the time, I sorely misunderstood the purpose of financial advice. But in connecting with people across all walks of life, I learned to appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of each individual, and the advantage that quality advice affords them.

Now, almost a decade later, I've met and helped hundreds of different people, families and businesses in achieving their goals. Some examples include:

- Buying a new home
- Travelling more
- Helping the kids
- Achieving financial freedom
- Growing the business
- Navigating divorce
- Looking after elderly parents
- Changing careers
- Philanthropy

In my experience, the greatest probability of success is attained through mutual understanding, careful planning and ongoing guidance.

I love connecting with people so please drop me a line!

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