Natallia Smith, AFP®

Name Natallia Smith AFP®
Company TruWealth
Address Level 13 200 Queen Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone 03 8648 6534

My wish is for all women to have the financial security, independence and confidence that they deserve. Everything I do is driven by my power to help women navigate their financial lives. Migrating to Australia in 2001, I learned that starting over in a new country involved dealing with significant financial repercussions. My desire to create financial security for me, my family and my future ignited an interest in this field and I turned my new-found love into a fulfilling career as a Financial Adviser.Combining my previous education in psychology with my training and knowledge of the financial industry, I now work closely with my financial advice clients to develop strategies to build confidence, motivate, educate and provide security throughout their lives.With a proven strong capability in the management of complex financial strategies, my life experience as a mother, wife and daughter of retired parents has given me a deep understanding of the reason we all need financial security. It is never too early to be prepared and protected for the uncertainties of family life and events such as separation, divorce, retirement and death.Our financial futures matter. I specialize in helping and educating pre-retiree single women (never married / widowed / separated / divorced) to manage their financial affairs and achieve financial independence and security. Rest assured, you will receive exceptional quality financial advice that will always be in your best interests.For a team who are truly committed to helping you plan for your future, please contact us on 8648 6534 or 0401080907 for an initial consultation.

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