Nicholas Shanley, CFP®

Name Nicholas Shanley CFP®
Company Shanley Financial Planning
Address Suite 107 / 10-16 Kenrick Street
The Junction, NSW 2291
Phone 1800 317 027

Born and bred in Newcastle, I am passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals.I have offered advice to people from all walks of life including high net worth individuals and successful business leaders. The scope of this advice has been wide ranging from simple savings plans to sophisticated Centrelink, pre-retirement and investment strategies.I understand the value of reputation in the hunter which is the reason I focus on establishing long term relationships with the people I assist.I continually strive to increase my ability to assist people through continuous education and by developing relationships with other professionals. I have obtained a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Newcastle, as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan Professional.Throughout my working and personal life I have always displayed the highest level of integrity and ethical behaviour in all circumstances. This is evidenced by my membership of the Financial Planning Association and the Hunter Young Professionals.Not wanting to settle on the standard level of qualifications, I am striving to be the best in my field by having achieved becoming a Certified Financial Planner and adhering to the FPA’s Code of Ethics.The vast majority of people I assist come from word of mouth and appreciate my no pressure methods of simplifying and improving their financial situations through continuous communication and support.

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