Norma Samson, AFP®

Name Norma Samson AFP®
Address 144 Parry Street
Newcastle West, NSW 2302
Phone 0450 018 550

Norma, a seasoned financial advisor with a wealth of experience since 2004. Having worked with a diverse clientele, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large commercial entities, private and ultra-high net worth individuals, she has honed her expertise and constantly strives to make a positive impact to clients' financial well being.

With her area of expertise lying in providing tailored advice to business owners and a deep understanding of the challenges they face, Norma assists in finding the delicate balance required to effectively manage their finances and lives, thus enabling them to enjoy both capital growth and contentment.

Norma's expertise extends to providing valuable assistance to individuals facing family law or business partner separations. She comprehends the intricacies and emotional hurdles that accompany these life-changing events. Through her compassionate approach and understanding, Norma delivers personalised financial solutions that facilitates the transition and empowers her clients to make well-informed decisions during these pivotal phases of their lives. Her aim is to establish a secure and stable foundation for their financial future as they embrace a new chapter in their journey.

No matter where life finds you – a busy business owner, a couple dreaming of a beautiful future for your family, a single individual, navigating through family or business partner separation, or recently widowed, Norma and Synchronicity Wealth will light bulb the right strategies to ensure all aspects of your business and personal life are well managed and in sync.

Synchronicity Wealth, where life and money aligns.

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