Paul Garner, CFP®

Name Paul Garner CFP®
Company Novo Wealth
Address 19 Rundle St
Kent Town, SA 5067
Phone 0424224225

Novo Wealth founder Paul Garner is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional with high level experience from his time at a ‘big 4’ Australian bank and boutique planning practice. Wanting to move beyond this [corporate] environment and offer clients more, he started Novo to deliver genuinely tailored wealth advisory services, with a focus on responsible investing. Paul is also a ‘real person’ – a dad, musician, footy-lover – who realised ethical investment needed greater recognition – and to be seen as more than an afterthought or token gesture in 21st century financial planning, given the world his [and everyone else’s] kids were growing up in.Novo [meaning to change, reinvent, refresh in Latin] prioritises its product and sector selection around responsible investing with individually structured planning. Paul understands that each client’s position and lifestyle is different, be they just starting out, or looking for a kick along as they near retirement. Paul will design each client a specialised program to build wealth, protect that wealth and enable that wealth to potentially ‘go on giving’ indefinitely. High quality responsible investing encourages great corporate behaviour and outcomes that benefit people and our planet - without compromising wealth creation and performance. Truly a win-win-win-win…..

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