Preeti Nand, AFP®

Name Preeti Nand AFP®
Company Bridges Financial Services Pty Limited
Address unit 1/26 Brisbane Ave
Barton, ACT 2600

Working in the Financial sector for 10years plus and holding a FASEA approved degree in Financial Planning has allowed me to become a well rounded financial adviser. With my years of vast experience, education and knowledge I have been fortunate to provide quality compliant advice to high net worth clients such as senior government and private officials including every day mums and dads plus retires. My experience in financial sector has allowed me to build strong relationship with clients and stakeholders at high level. This has also allowed me to engage with clients and place them ahead in their financial journey.Throughout my working career I have been able to work for two of four big banks within Australia. This is where I have been able to gain valuable skills, experience and knowledge. Working with clients to help manage reach their financial destination based on their individual goals, objectives and financial circumstances is the best satisfaction I can get as an advisor. I continue to strive for such success.

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