Ravi Moolchandani, AFP®

Name Ravi Moolchandani AFP®
Company Radiance Wealth
Address Suite 2.04, 202 Jells Road
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
Phone 0416 772 773

I am a Director and Principal Financial Adviser at
Radiance Wealth Pty Ltd with extensive experience
in the banking and financial services sectors.

Throughout the last 14 years, my banking career
has gone from strength to strength as I have built a
firm foundation and a successful career in many
different roles with one of Australia's largest banks.
One of the keys to my success has been
maintaining the highest level of education and
standards. My education has proved to be essential
for providing sound financial advice to clients.

When providing financial advice to clients I realise
that everyone has a unique goal for building and
securing their wealth and I know the journey can be
both challenging and exhausting. In my role at
Radiance Wealth I pride myself in understanding the
clients’ goals and regularly review all personalised
plans. Balancing one’s wealth is of the utmost
importance, as it determines how and what we
spend today and save for tomorrow. I believe that
appropriate financial management earlier in life sets
the foundation for a comfortable retirement.

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