Ravi Shankar, AFP®

Name Ravi Shankar AFP®
Company Ravi Shankar Financial Planning Pty Ltd
Address Lev 7 91 Phillip St
Parramatta, NSW 2150
Phone 02 88123580

Ravi Shankar Financial Planning Pty Ltd provides holistic financial advice as well as limited advice in any one or more areas of retirement and superannuation advice, SMSF advice, investment advice, tax planning advice, insurance advice and estate planning guidance. Ravi Shankar is a product of KPMG and has held senior positions in corporate financial management and accounting prior to switching to financial planning in 2005. He is also practising CPA, Fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia and two other professional accounting bodies. He ranks well within the profession and with clients for his commitment to client-care, skills and deep-seated approach to financial planning.

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