Reine Clemow, AFP®

Name Reine Clemow AFP®
Company Acquira Wealth Partners
Address Level 2 12 Short Street
Southport, QLD 4215
Phone 07 56414428

I am passionate about helping people achieve their personal apriaration in life. I have been described as a financial architect because I will often completely restructure and redesign a financial situation and then present a plan in such a way that the true value of advice appears in a simple and clear manner. I really understands that when people feel in control of the journey they are on and, at the same time, have someone sharing that journey with them, supporting them and keeping them accountable, a sense of security is achieved.With a passion for personal growth I have specialised in advanced communications skills so that I can explain things in such a way that many clients have commented “nobody has been able to explain that to me before – now I understand”. I have helped hundreds of clients successfully navigate retirement and achieve a better lifestyle as as result.My areas of expertise include:Strategic Financial PlanningSuperannuation/ SMSFInvestments & GearingDebt reductionPre-retirement PlanningRetirement PlanningIncome & Wealth Protection StrategiesWealth BuildingEstate PlanningTax Planning and MinimisationUltimately I help people make important decisions that have impact in their financial life. If you are looking for a financial adviser feel free to check me website, facebook page and google for client review.

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