Robin Sandover

Name Robin Sandover
Company The Wealth Designers
Address 4/40 Kings Park Rd
West Perth, WA 6005
Phone 1300 893 000

I’ve been in finance for close to a decade and, each year, I grow even more passionate about it.

Financial planning gives me the greatest sense of fulfilment as I am able to help others live their best lives. It’s very satisfying to watch clients gain financial freedom, so they can achieve things like stop working away and live closer to family without compromising quality of life or reach retirement earlier than anticipated so they can travel the world.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each client individually and have an excellent ability to motivate my clients and find the innovative solutions they need.

I’m a strong believer in continued professional development and was Valedictorian of my Master of Financial Planning in 2019. I know that ongoing learning is key to staying at the top of my game and providing the very best outcomes for my clients.

I’m an ambitious guy with a strong entrepreneurial streak and am always willing to offer my time to anyone in need. In my downtime, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, travelling (from snowboarding in Austria to a surf trip in Indonesia or simply a weekend down south) and maintaining a healthy body and mind through exercise.

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