Roger Perrett, AFP®

Name Roger Perrett AFP®
Company Viridian Advisory Pty Ltd
Address Level 14 1 Margaret Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone 0438 673 918

I help business owners and executives, best self-fund their retirement.
• Remove complexity
• Get personalised strategies
• Enjoy retirement

To create wealth:
- Investing is tricky.
- Also, government rules & tax minimisation are an ever-changing minefield.
- Added to this, people don’t have the time, interest & are often guided incorrectly by emotions. Making mistakes is costly, a cost most people cannot afford.

My solution is a process of:
1. Understanding your; situation, hopes, dreams, goals & what is important for you.
2. Providing written strategies and investment recommendations on how to create wealth to fund your goals & aspirations.
3. Implementing the recommendations for you.
4. Provide an ongoing relationship where I provide advice to meet changing economic and legislative conditions, as well as changes to your personal situation.

My advice follows Six Wealth Creation principles:
• Generate income
• Minimise tax
• Be efficient with debt (if applicable)
• Invest wisely
• Protect Assets
• Leave a legacy

As a client, you will:
• Have peace of mind with complexity removed.
• Gain confidence with personalised strategies.
• Enjoy life & retirement.

I also lead a team of Financial Advisors & Client Service Managers, who are passionate about helping people too – so you will have plenty of support.

I have found over 20+ years when providing advice, that most people are not aware of the opportunities they are missing out on and the risks they are exposed. Often people are not ready for retirement, and I’m often asked, ‘Is there anything else I could be doing’?

What we are proud of
Over my career, it has been nice to be recognised by:
• Financial Standard to be in the Top 50 Most Influential Financial Advisers in Australia. At last count there were over 16,000 advisors in the country.
• Representing Viridian Advisory & BT Advice in the media.
• BT/Westpac as their Financial Advisor of the Year and been a regular National Conference qualifier, which was awarded to Advisers with high performance.
• Being a Partner for over 15 years & leading successful teams during this time.

The problems we solve
The questions and problems we commonly solve are;
1. Do I have enough to retire and maintain my investment balances?
2. Am I doing things right and are there any benefits that I am missing out on?
3. How, when and where should I invest now?

These questions exist because there is so much uncertainty due to the complex and specialised nature of investments, generating an income stream and understanding legislative rules.

With the ultimate result - For you to enjoy your retirement

What we believe
We are passionate about Financial Advice as it is the intersection of two things that we love – helping people and creating financial strategies. A few of our beliefs are that we should;
• Listen, be approachable and make it easy.
• Share formulas for success to help others.
• Only recommend strategies that we would do ourselves and for our families.
• Be transparent and always call people back.
• Complete forms (where possible) as our customer’s time is valuable.
• Advice should be in writing as we should be accountable.
• Having great attention-to-detail so our customers don’t need to.

What you will receive
Some quick wins you will achieve at our first meeting is that you will have;
1. Greater clarity about your current position and achievable goals
2. Better understanding of the risks and opportunities you may be missing out on.
3. High level strategic direction you could consider, to help feel you are progressing towards success.

If you ask my customer’s they will tell you we are best known for generating reassurance and income, as well as peace-of-mind and confidence.

On a personal note, our family including two awesome children, live on the Northern beaches of Sydney. Prior to Financial Planning, I was fortunate to win State, National and World championships in several classes in sailing.

I look forward to meeting with you soon,
0438 673 918

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