Samuel Gray, CFP®

Name Samuel Gray CFP®
Company Incito Wealth
Address T1, 152 Great Eastern Hwy
Ascot, WA 6014
Phone (08)93815407

With a strong educational background and a core motivation for helping people in their quest to get closer to their financial goals, Sam brings a considerable amount of passion and drive to his business. Sam holds very strong personal values and these are reflected in the way he runs Incito Wealth.These core values are: Honesty; with oneself and others Accountability; being true to our word Respect; we treat everyone with respect and expect the same in return Determination; We are determined to serve you well Passion: We are passionate about helping you Giving back: We believe in and actively contribute to the community Caring; We care about you. Sam specialises in helping people extract and understand their bigger picture goals, and in project managing clients towards these. This involves advice in the areas of protecting, building and managing wealth.Incito Wealth exists ultimately as a business to serve and inspire clients to better life outcomes. This is why we are in business.

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